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So thrilled that I now have my favorite magazine EVERYWHERE I go with my smart phone.  I love the flexibility of using those previously wasted minutes to help me build up my faith and sharpen my home educator skills. Thanks TOS for being at the leading edge of technology once again!

Malia M. Russell, Director
TOS Columnist--The Organized Homeschooler

 ***Stay tuned--big changes for the better are in store at TOS.***
Teacher's Toolbox and the TOS subscription model are under major construction. When complete (early March), the website and educational perks will be bigger and better than ever. Subscribers will receive an all new, improved Schoolhouse Teacher's Toolbox. This membership program will give members access to 
a subscribers' only website where you will come "face to face" with  experienced "Teachers" as they share lesson plans and special helps, monthly. Receive access to every digital issue ever produced by TOS; download printable worksheets; try out new recipes from the daily menu calendar; or "homeschool for free" with the unit studies, full curriculum resources and other teacher materials for your daily use. Plus have the opportunity to qualify for all of the brand new, 2012-13 TOS Schoolhouse Planners--all five of them at your fingertips (stay tuned to learn more)! If you liked the "old" Teacher's Toolbox, you'll love the content you will receive with  the exciting, Schoolhouse Teacher's Toolbox. Watch for announcements in the next four weeks to learn more about this exciting membership program sponsored by The Old SchoolhouseŽ Magazine! You're about to find out just how FUN homeschooling can be. Prepare to get a whole-lotta something! It's coming.  

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